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Developing e-learning has traditionally been a slow and costly process, burdened with an inability to keep learning content up to date. To solve this problem, Kasper Spiro developed the Employee-generated Learning (EGL) approach: a system that shifts learning content creation from a 'top-down' approach to a 'bottom-up' one.

With EGL, subject matter experts are the ones who create (and maintain) learning content— not L&D teams. This approach allows organizations to compile all their employees' insights, knowledge, and experiences into a single, expansive repository: a corporate brain.  

Employee-generated Learning is based on Kasper's and Videhi's decade-long research and practical experience. The book is not just theory but a practical guide filled with step-by-step explanations, real-world examples, and lessons learned. It is written for learning professionals, business leaders, and anyone seeking to harness their workforce's knowledge to upskill their employees.

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Kasper is the co-founder and Chief Learning Strategist at Easygenerator, previously holding the CEO position for 11 years. He has been involved in knowledge sharing, performance support, and e-learning for over three decades. Since pioneering the Employee-generated Learning approach in 2013, he has led thousands of companies to transform their learning content creation process using this innovative method. Kasper is an international speaker, podcast host, and author for various L&D magazines.

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Videhi is the Director of Research at Easygenerator. An Oxford University alumna, she has more than a decade of experience in e-learning, learning technology, and user experience. She has worked with diverse L&D teams worldwide and now specializes in social, mobile, and blended learning methods. Videhi's vast expertise and research have shaped the Employee-generated Learning model into what it is today.

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